Monday, May 25, 2015

Queen Headboard and Frame from a Five-Panel Door.

My oldest son is moving out with friends, and this is my new-house gift for him:

The headboard is a 5-panel clear fir door that we cut down. It has a little damage on it, but that will be hidden by the mattress.

This is actually a fairly easy project:
  • Cut the door to 59" wide, add 2x3 legs and then a 1x4 cap. 
  • The foot board is just the same but with a 1x10.
  • The side rails are 1x10 with a 2x4 support.
  • The side-rails are connected with bed-brackets from Rockler. 

The platform is four 20" x 60" sections of OSB, backed-up with 2x4's. This might be over-kill, but I don't need to worry about it sagging - and its cheap & easy.

It took as long to stain and seal the bed than it did to build and sand it. I think this is a four-evening project - two for building and two for finishing.

Costs: $175
  • Fir headboard - $75
  • Fir lumber - $50
  • 2 OSB sheets - $18
  • 8 2x4's - $20
  • Bead brackets - $12
  • Stain and sealer - already had it.
The project went as planned, I wouldn't have done anything different - and my son really likes it.

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