Monday, August 17, 2015

Beach House Bathroom - Almost Done

All the tiling is complete, wood walls installed and plumbing is done.

We painted behind the sink and toilet so we could get them installed an usable, I needed to head home and go back to work, and those incremental steps are important. 

The sink is the one from 1936 that I restored. I ended up keeping the original valves and knobs, but replaced the drain. It was missing the tail piece and I couldn't get it to stop sticking.

The toilet is small (1.0 gal per flush), which fits well in the space.

So what's left?
- Shower walls and door. I bought a Delta corner shower set from HD.
- Paint the rest of the room.
- Make and install the door. I will build a three-panel solid one - and do a post on it.
- Trim the door and window out
- Add shelves, hooks for towels, etc.
- Put in the lights and hook up the venting fan.

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