Saturday, August 22, 2015

Crosscut Sled Safety Label

I just built a new crosscut sled for my table saw. This must be number 10 or higher - I use them all the time. Sometimes my kids (late teens, early twenties) use them as well, and I'm kind of fanatical about their safety (and my own).

So here is my safety label, using red paint:

It might be a little graphic, but it has caught everyone's attention immediately when they set the sled on the table.

I may also put a wooden blade guard on the back of it, but I want them to be thinking about safety regarding the blade when it's doing the cutting in the body of the sled as well.

I might write DANGER on it...


  1. Love the safety label!
    Troy, it's been about seven years now since you installed your appliance lift in your kitchen. It has held a significant amount of weight, between the granite and the appliances themselves. You indicated that you set the spring tension to its maximum setting. Have you run into any trouble with the lift over the years? Have the springs held up well? I would imagine that it would get plenty of use since your family seems to be pretty active.

  2. Thanks. The lift has worked great over the years, and it does get used almost every day. I think the springs could be a little stiffer to help with the lifting, but all in all it works fine. Now that you have brought it up, I'll check it to see if I can add a bit of tension - maybe an additional spring.