Sunday, September 13, 2015

DIY Track Saw 1

My next project to improve the shop is to make a track saw. 

I use a circular saw quite often, mainly to cross-cut plywood before ripping it on the table saw. I simply draw a line using a T-square and freehand it. That works OK, but then I need to resaw it if I need a precise edge. Since I'm going to be making a full set of kitchen cabinets soon, I thought a track saw would be nice to have.

Since I'm going to be modifying the base to ride the track, I want a dedicated saw. I found this one at the Goodwill outlet for $15. This model was about $200 when new and is selling used on Ebay for around $70.

It's a Makita M513, that looks like it's had very little use. I put a new DeWalt blade on it, and it cuts great. I'm assuming this saw is intended for contractor use.

It has a normal metal blade guard, the motor housing is made of thick plastic - and the saw is really heavy. It's all in the motor, which is exactly what I'm looking for. I want something that will last a long time and cut through anything.

What's next:
- Decide on a design for the track and sled
- Make sure the sled has zero-clearance on the blade for clean cuts
- Figure out how to add a sawdust collection port

Finally, I've been thinking about doing some simple videos - this might be a good place to start.

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